11. Himalayan salad
  • Organic mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots with honey based Himalayan dressing.


76. kukhura ko momo
  • Steamed dumplings filled with minced chicken, onion, cilantro and spices.  Served with special Himalayan sauce.

33. saag paneer
  • Spinach with home made cheese cubes cooked in creamy sauce with Himalayan herbs & spices.

For over 20 years, Himalayan Grill has been synonymous with Indian Nepalese fine dining. Our executive chef takes the cuisine and culture of his homeland to the next level with a breathtaking restaurant and delicious cuisine.

The Chef's mastery of traditional spices and flavors makes each dish an opportunity to experience classics and delicacies in new and exciting ways. Every plate becomes a culinary journey.  Enjoy your lunch and dinner here and you won't be disappointed.

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14. chicken biryani
  • Boneless chicken cooked with Basmati rice in Himalayan herbs & spices.  Served with yogurt cucumber sauce.